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Since 1978 Saul Coval begun to work in technical high schools and practical engineering colleges, teaching microcomputers, computers languages, operational systems and computer communications, and since 1980 he became Head of Computers Dep. and computer systems of Ort Yad Giora Technical college and High school untill june 1999. He was in charge of the design and maintenance of the college WEB site and the Computers Department WEB site.

SAUL COVAL is a senior teacher / lecturer of Operational Systems, Micro Processors, Computer Comunications and Computer Programming.
Worked and Still working at some of them: Ort Singalowsky Programming Engineering College ; Ort-Polak (Tel Aviv), Ort-Harmelin (Natania), MCSC, Web Masters basics and professional computer engineering teaching.
Bet Berl Programming Engineering , The College of Business; AMAL teaching network (Petach Tikva, Ramla, Rishon Lezion, MAPAT Pedagogical Center)

WHAT We are Prepared For:

With the help of Saul Coval, Associated teachers and Professional Team, our Company is prepared to Teach and make Teaching Aids for the high school and college subjects:

  1. Communications engineering
  2. Computers and Statistics
  3. Magic Data Bases Development
  4. Novell Net ware Dev. CNE - CISCO Net CCNA
  5. Microsoft Office
  6. System Analysis
  7. PC internals
  8. Operational Systems
  9. Languages: C, C++, JAVA, HTML, Asembler
  10. Real Time Systems
  11. Economic Analysis & Consulting.



We are working on the Development of TEACHING AIDS and Methodes of education in technical high schools and practical engineering colleges for the, teaching of: microcomputers, computers languages, operational systems and computer communications, windows office programs and management.

We translated to hebrew a modern program to teach and learn assembler language and microprocessors knowledge trough the emulator EMU8086, that you can learn about this at: EMU8086 Main Page .

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